Unlocking Efficiency: The Top 10 Genie Forklifts You Should Consider for Your Next Project

Forklifts have emerged as one of the most popular equipment to move heavy goods around in commercial settings. But to achieve the desired results, you must select forklifts from a reliable brand based on the best technology. When it comes to lifting heavy loads and reaching towering heights. 

Genie is a name you can trust. 

With a variety of models tailored to different needs, Genie offers reliability and performance that are second to none. Over the years, Genie has carved a niche in the sector backed by its exceptional quality and service. 

Let’s have a look at the top 10 Genie forklifts for sale that you should consider for your next project. Let’s elevate your operations to new heights!

  • Genie GTH-5519

Genie GTH - 5519

Small in size but mighty in performance, the GTH-5519 is an excellent choice. This telehandler boasts a lifting capability of 2,494 kg (5,500 lb) and can reach up to a height of 2.7 m (19 ft). Its compact build allows for effortless navigation in confined areas, making it a reliable and versatile asset for any work condition. 

  • Genie GTH-636

2023 Genie GTH-636

Looking to extend your reach further? Genie GTH-636 is your answer. With a lift height of 11 m (36 ft) and a lifting capacity of 2,722 kg (6,000 lb) this machine is ideal for all types of tough tasks. It is equipped with a 4WD drive system that ensures great stability on all types of surfaces. All these features make this product from Genie a great option. 

  • Genie GTH-844

Genie GTH - 844

Built for long working hours, the GTH-844 from Genie is a powerhouse. This telehandler comes with a 3,629 kg (8,000 lb) lifting capacity and a 13.4 m (44 ft) lifting height. This machine is extremely suitable for construction sites. It is equipped with excellent safety features like anti-tip technology, thereby ensuring secure and reliable performance every time.

  • Genie Z-45/25

If you need a telehandler where agility holds the key, the Z-45/25 from Genie emerges as a potent option. It comes equipped with a 13.7 m (45 ft) lifting height and a 7.6 m (25 ft) horizontal reach. These specifications make it an ideal solution for indoor tasks. The excellent electric motor ensures quiet operation in all types of settings. 

  • Genie GS-1930

If you need a robust scissor lift for different indoor projects, then GS-1930 from Genie is meant for you. This machine comes with a 5.8 m (19 ft) lifting height and has a compact design. As this scissor lift is equipped with non-marking tires, it is suitable for moving around in tight spaces while not affecting the floor quality.

  • Genie S-40

Genie is providing an excellent telescopic boom lift in the form of its S-40 which is designed for outdoor tasks. This telescopic boom lift offers a reach of around 12.2 m (40 ft). S-40 runs on a durable diesel engine and is designed to operate for extended durations. This machine is equipped with a four-wheel steering thereby ensuring excellent control, even on rugged surfaces.

  • Genie S-85

2023 Genie S 85

S-85 is one of the tallest models from Genie. This machine can reach up to 26 m (85 ft) in height and is suitable for tasks like tree trimming or window cleaning. Genie S-85 is fitted with an advanced hydraulic system. All these features ensure seamless and accurate movements that make work easier and safer.

  • Genie Z-60/34

The Z-60/34 is a dual-purpose vertical lift that offers an excellent horizontal extension as well. This machine can operate efficiently on all types of terrains with great stability. It boasts a horizontal extension of 10.3 m (34 ft) and a vertical reach of 18.3 m (60 ft). All these features make this vertical lift an excellent option for commercial settings.

  • Genie GTH-1056

Genie GTH 1056

When it comes to heavy-duty lifting, the GTH-1056 is a true powerhouse from Genie. This machine comes with the capability to lift around 4,536 kg (10,000 lb) and a maximum vertical reach of 17 m (56 ft). Interesting features make it perfect for industrial settings and offer long-term reliability.

  • Genie TZ-50

2023 Genie TZ 50

The TZ-50 from Genie is a trailer-mounted boom lift. This machine brings convenience and utility to a new level. This boom lift comes with a 15.2 m (50 ft) lift height, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor tasks. Its lightweight design ensures that you can easily tow it with a standard pickup truck.

Select the Right Genir Forklift for your commercial projects

Choosing the right Genie forklift can make all the difference in the success of your projects. From compact models for indoor use to heavy-duty machines for industrial tasks, Genie offers a range of options to meet your specific needs. But before you make a final choice, compare the features carefully to avoid any issues later.