Top 6 Hyundai Excavators for sale

Have a construction project that requires heavy-duty equipment to get the job done right? When it comes to excavators, Hyundai is a trusted and reliable brand that offers a range of options for different project needs. From compact to crawler excavators and specialized equipment, Hyundai excavators are built to handle the most challenging jobs easily. In this blog, we will explore the top six Hyundai excavators for sale that offer versatility, power, and efficiency for various applications. So, let’s dive into the world of Hyundai excavators and discover the possibilities that await.

Top Six Hyundai Excavators for Sale

Here are the top six Hyundai Excavators for sale in the market today.
  1. Compact Excavators

Compact excavators are ideal for construction projects that require work in tight spaces or urban areas. The following are the top two Hyundai Compact Excavators you can get your hands on today.
  1. HX85A


The HX85A is a compact excavator that perfectly balances power and versatility. It features a Tier 4 Final engine that provides high fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Due to its impressive feature list, the HX85A can handle a variety of tasks. Its spacious and well-equipped cabin provides the operator with a comfortable and ergonomic workspace.

Its centralized lubrication system also makes this one of the easiest-to-maintain Hyundai excavators for sale today.

Key Specifications

Bucket Range

.25M3 (0.33Yd3)

Max. Digging Depth (Ft/In)

 4,640 Mm (15 Ft 3 In)

Max. Digging Reach

7,420 Mm (24 Ft 4 In)

Tail Swing Radius (Ft/In)

1,600 Mm (5 Ft 3 In)

Operating Weight

9,204 Kg (20,290 Ibs)

Swing Speed

9 Rpm

Bucket Breakout Force

(ISO) 6,283 Kgf (13,183 Lbf)

Arm Crowd Force

4,030 Kgf (8,884 Lbf)

  1. R17Z-9A


The R17Z-9A is a compact excavator designed for ease of use and maneuverability. With a zero-tail swing radius, it can easily operate in tight spaces.

The R17Z-9A features a powerful Kubota D902 engine that delivers a net power of 15.8 Hp (11.8 Kw) At 2,300 Rpm. The R17z-9A also has the option to be fitted with a longer arm, an accumulator, and a proportional control switch.

Being a 9A series excavator, this machine comes fitted with a large dozer blade as a standard attachment. 

Key Specifications

Max. Digging Depth (Ft/In)  2,200 (7 Ft 2 In)
Max. Digging Reach3,900 (12 Ft 7 In)
Tail Swing Radius (Ft/In)645 (2 Ft 11 In) 720 (2 Ft 3 In)
Operating Weight1,780 Kg (3,920 Ibs)
Swing Speed9.5 Rpm
Bucket Breakout Force(Sae) 3,480 Lbf (15.5 Kn)
Arm Crowd Force870 Kgf (1,920 Lbf)

  1. Crawler Excavators

Crawler excavators are ideal for larger construction projects that require high performance and power. The following are the top two Hyundai Crawler Excavators:

  1. HX130A LCR

The HX130A LCR is a crawler excavator designed for maximum efficiency and productivity. It’s fitted with a powerful Cummins F3.8 Stage 5 tier 4 Final diesel engine which is also compliant with the international Stage 5 emissions standards. Apart from its impressive capabilities, this crawler is also feature-packed and comes with AAVM (All Around View Monitoring), ECD (Engine Connected Diagnostics), auto-travel alarm, and auto safety lock, to name a few.  Key Specifications
Max. Digging Depth (Ft/In)  5,090 mm (16 ft 8 in)
Max. Digging Reach 7,745 mm (25 ft 5 in)
Tail Swing Radius (Ft/In) 2,340 mm (7 ft 8 in)
Operating Weight 13,445 kg (29,640 lb)
Swing Speed 12.4 rpm
Bucket Breakout Force 9,990 [10,899] kgf (22,025 [24,027] lbf) ISO
Arm Crowd Force 5,877 [6,411] kgf (12,957 [14,134] lbf ) ISO
  1. HX900L

The HX900L is a crawler excavator designed for large-scale mining and quarrying operations. It is the largest and most powerful Hyundai excavator for sale today.

It features a powerful Scania Dc16 084A engine that delivers 615 Hp (458 Kw) at 1,800 Rpm. The HX900L is equipped with advanced technology that provides real-time data and monitoring for maximum productivity and efficiency.

This model is also offered with optional extras such as boom float mode, Hyundai’s dual lock quick coupler, a single pedal travel, and swing lock mode. 

Key Specifications

Max. Digging Depth (Ft/In) 5,090 mm (16 ft 8 in)
Max. Digging Reach7,745 mm (25 ft 5 in)
Tail Swing Radius (Ft/In)2,340 mm (7 ft 8 in)
Operating Weight13,445 kg (29,640 lb)
Swing Speed12.4 rpm
Bucket Breakout Force9,990 [10,899] kgf (22,025 [24,027] lbf) ISO
Arm Crowd Force5,877 [6,411] kgf (12,957 [14,134] lbf ) ISO

  1. Special Equipment

Special equipment excavators from Hyundai are designed for unique and specific tasks. The following are the top two Hyundai Special Equipment Excavators:

  1. HW250MH


The HW250MH is a material-handling excavator designed for waste handling and recycling applications. The HW250MH includes a range of features, such as a high-visibility cab, protective guarding, and a range of material handling attachments to improve safety and productivity.

The HW250MH is the most affordable special equipment Hyundai Excavator on sale today. You can improve the efficiency of this machine with the extensive optional add-on features such as AAVM (All Around View Monitoring), dual-lock quick coupler, and a fine swing mode.

You can also opt for additional safety features, such as a safety lock valve for the arm and a safety lock valve for the boom.

Key Specifications

Max. Digging Depth (Ft/In)4,700 (15′ 5″)
Max. Digging Reach10,700 (35′ 1″)
Tail Swing Radius (Ft/In)2,913 (9′ 7″)
Working Range Swing Radius (Gooseneck Arm Without Grappler) 2,700 (8′ 10″)
Working Range Swing Radius (Gooseneck Arm With Grappler)3,000 (9′ 10″)
Operating Weight26,100 kg (57,540 lb)
Swing Speed9.7 rpm
Bucket Range12,000 (39′ 4″)
Travel Speed (Mph)35 km/h (21.7 mph)
  1. HX300RB


The HX300RB is a rail-bound excavator designed for road building and construction projects. It features a mighty Doosan DL08P engine that provides high fuel efficiency and lower emissions while putting out 196 kW (266.6 hp) @ 1,800 rpm.

With a maximum digging depth of about 19 feet, the HX300RB can handle a range of tasks. The excavator’s rail wheel and boom offset systems provide increased stability and flexibility when working on any terrain.

The HX300RB also comes loaded with advanced systems such as auto climate control (AC/Heat), a Hi MATE – Telematics System, selectable power modes, and centralized lubrication for easy maintenance.

Key Specifications

Max. Digging Depth (Ft/In) 5,950 mm (19′ 6″)
Max. Digging Reach10,670 mm (35′ 0″)
Tail Swing Radius (Ft/In)3,559 mm (11′ 8″)
Operating Weight37,200 kg (83,012 lb)
Swing Speed9.9 rpm
Bucket Breakout Force2.7 km/h (1.7 mph) / 4.2 km/h (2.6 mph)
Arm Crowd Force13,300 [14,100] kgf (29,320 [31,090] lgf) ISO

Summing it up

Hyundai excavators are a powerful and reliable option for any construction project. The six excavators we’ve covered in this blog offer a wide range of capabilities, from compact and crawler excavators to specialized equipment designed for unique applications.

Whether you are working on a small-scale project or a large construction site, Hyundai excavators can meet your needs and help you get the job done efficiently and effectively. Head over to Southern Lift to purchase these Hyundai excavators for sale today.

FAQs about Hyundai Excavators

  1. What are the advantages of choosing a Hyundai excavator for my construction project?

Hyundai excavators offer several advantages, including high-performance engines, advanced hydraulic systems, and efficient fuel consumption. They are also designed with operator comfort and safety in mind, with features such as air conditioning, ergonomic controls, and protective guarding.

  1. Can I purchase a Hyundai excavator for personal use?

While Hyundai excavators are primarily designed for commercial and industrial use, individuals may purchase them for personal use, such as landscaping or property development projects.

  1. How do I choose the right Hyundai excavator for my project?

The right Hyundai excavator for your project depends on several factors, including the scope of the project, the terrain, and the required digging depth and reach. Our sales team can assist you in selecting the excavator that best meets your specific needs.

  1. How does Hyundai’s specialized equipment, such as the HW250MH, differ from its standard excavators?

Hyundai’s specialized equipment, such as the HW250MH, is designed for specific tasks, such as material handling or rail-bound excavation. These machines may have unique features or attachments that make them better suited for their intended use.

  1. What is the warranty on Hyundai excavators?

Hyundai excavators come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The length and details of the warranty may vary depending on the specific model and location.