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Our Cummins Certified Technicians offer forklift service and maintenance on every brand of equipment; Hyundai, Hyster; Case, Carer, Yale; Toyota; Nissan; Caterpillar; Clark; Komatsu; Crown; Raymond; Doosan, Mitsubishi, JLG and Genie, just to name a few.  


Services Available in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Texas!

  • 24 volt,36 volt, 48 volt
  • industrial battery replacement
  • air cleaner filter
  • alternator
  • back up alarm
  • back up lights
  • battery cables
  • battery replacement
  • brake drums
  • brake master cylinder
  • brake shoes
  • break wheel cylinder
  • carburetor
  • carriage
  • clutch
  • coil
  • control valves
  • cooling fan
  • cooling system
  • crankshaft pulley
  • differential rebuild
  • distributor drive axle
  • electric drive motors
  • electronic modules
  • engine main seals
  • engine rebuild
  • fuel filter
  • head gasket
  • head lights
  • horn
  • hydraulic hose replacement
  • hydraulic pump
  • ignition switch
  • instrument gauges and panel
  • kingpins & bushings
  • lift cylinder packing
  • LP gas lock-off
  • LP gas regulator
  • LP tank and brackets
  • mast bearings shim and replacement
  • mirrors
  • muffler and exhaust
  • oil change; radiator hoses
  • oil pump
  • parking brake
  • parking brake linkage
  • preventative maintenance
  • radiator cleaning
  • seat belts
  • seats
  • side shift carriage bearings and slide pads
  • side-shift cylinder packing
  • spark plug wires
  • spark plugs
  • starter
  • steer knuckles
  • steering cylinder packing
  • steering linkage
  • strobe light
  • tail lights
  • tilt cylinder packing
  • timing chain
  • tires
  • transmission adjustment and rebuild
  • valve cover gasket
  • voltage regulator
  • water pump
  • wheel bearings
  • wheel seals
  • wheels

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Best-in-Class Repair Service 

Forklifts are essentially the backbone of any industrial setup, and hence in the event of a forklift going down, you need nothing short of the best possible mobile forklift and truck service! This is where the certified technicians at Southern Lift Trucks come into the picture. Right from offering instantaneous repairs to offering pocket-friendly services – we can do it all for you! 

Round the Clock Emergency Lift Truck Repair

Lift Trucks often work round the clock, and so do we! Whether it is in the middle of the night or on a weekend that you encounter a problem, you can always rely on us to help repair your forklift so that you can resume work at the earliest possible. Trust us, when it comes to 24x7emergency repair services, we have you covered. 

Scheduled Maintenance for Enhanced Efficiency

Want to maximize the run time of your lift trucks, while ensuring the downtime is as little as possible? Then your best bet is to avail a scheduled maintenance service from Southern Lift Trucks. We have all the requisite Komatsu Parts in Mobile AL and Clark Forklift Parts Pensacola FL that you may possibly need so that you can enjoy a seamless maintenance and repair experience. 

Retainer Service for Full Maintenance

We understand that unexpected lift truck repair and maintenance services can throw you off your budget, thereby adversely impacting your cash flow. Hence, we offer a retainer service wherein your budget becomes predictable, while we take care of all repair and maintenance (except for any damage to the light bulbs, wheels, tires, or that arising as a result of misuse). 

Southern Lift Trucks In-Shop Repair Service

With multiple locations, Mobile, Alabama, Pensacola Florida, NOLA and Houston, TX, you can seamlessly opt for in-shop repairs for your Lift Trucks. Regardless of the brand that your forklifts and trucks belong to, our exceptionally skilled mechanics will ensure that all needed repairs are done to perfection. In-shop maintenance gives us the opportunity to offer an exhaustive repair and maintenance job, and if needed even a complete overhaul in a manner that is both – efficient and cost-effective.  

Southern Lift Trucks Mobile Repair Service

We understand that it may not always be possible for you to bring your equipment to our locations for repair.  We come to you!  Whether you are facing an emergency breakdown, or are simply looking forward to a scheduled maintenance, our field technicians can always drive down to a location convenient to you, and get the job done with brilliant precision, leaving no room for any complaints, whatsoever! 

Why Southern Lift Trucks?

Highly Skilled Technicians 

At Southern Lift Trucks, we  provide you with some of the most skilled and certified technicians who are simply the best at what they do – service, repair and maintenance of Lift Trucks and Forklifts! Our team is equipped with the technology to ensure a faster response time, and the much-needed know how to accomplish all repair and maintenance tasks regardless of the location.  

Customized Maintenance Programs

 Your business and its efficiency depends on the seamless functioning of your lift trucks, and nobody understands this better than our team at Southern Lift Trucks, which is why we offer the best of custom-designed scissor lift repair and maintenance schedules which suit your specific needs, and are in line with your budget! Now, isn’t that the perfect reason why you must opt for Forklift repair in Alabama and Forklift Service Pensacola FL with none other than Southern Lift Trucks. ,

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