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Forklift parts

A forklift is a truck with a more remarkable ability to handle heavy work that can’t be handled otherwise. With the increase in their use in different industries, the demand has increased progressively, leading to developing the product with the best quality parts to ensure longevity and quality. 

Several companies sell reasonable quality parts for the forklift. However, choosing the best one is the toughest. Several companies claim to be the best when selecting the best. Therefore, it is to find a genuine company that can be beneficial. 

Southern Lift Trucks is your one-stop for finding the best products for your forklift trucks. They deal with the quality products that are best in what they do. For customer satisfaction, they also deal with rebuilding the already used equipment and making it brand new and ready to use. 

Check out Southern Lift Trucks’ parts that offer the best and most reliable product you can put your trust in. Everything for all your needs. 

Forklift parts


The alternator in a forklift is a significant part of this machine that works as a charging network. It is like a power generator of the forklift, which generates power for the other parts of a forklift to run efficiently, including lighting, gauges, and the instrument panel. 

Battery and voltage regulators operate jointly with the alternator and create power. 

The alternator is a vital truck part and could be a long-term investment. 

However, everything has an expiry date, even a machine. If not cared for, the alternator can stop working and create problems. One factor is the truck’s age. If your truck is old, there are chances that the alternator may create some troubles. However, you can keep the condition of the alternator in check to save yourself the trouble later. 


Gasket performs a crucial role in every piece of machinery. A general definition of a gasket has been described as a part of a machine that keeps two things together and acts as a seal. It has also been said that a gasket can be made from the cheapest, readily available, or most expensive material. The requirement may differ, and according to that, the process of making a gasket can vary. It can be produced with rubber, plastic, metal, and other materials. 

A suitable gasket is always flexible, with favorable strength and low density. 

The gasket has a different use; it is used in several business areas. First, we are here to discuss its use in the automotive industry. In the automotive industry, the gasket is used to keep the engine block and cylinder head to safeguard the machine against water leakage. 

Fan blade

Fan blade is another crucial part of a forklift truck that helps the engine or the entire system to cool down. The fan blades in a forklift act as a cooler and is a significant part of the machine with its solid and durable wings that are made with good quality plastic that works with its full power to provide proper cooling. 

The fan would not work without the blades, and if any of the blades are faulty, it will naturally affect the fan’s working. However, the fans are built with much care and keeping in mind the durability of a product, so there is not much chance of it getting damaged. 

This part of the forklift is much underrated, but it performs a much bigger task than any of the high-quality components. It makes sure that the engine cools down completely and works efficiently. Without this part, the durability of the engine may be affected. 

Head cylinder

Head cylinder works as a passage for the air to come and go from cylinders and fuel deployment. 

The Head cylinder is another significant part of a machine that helps shut the cylinder block through the head gasket. As a result, they undergo heavy tension and force, which requires them to be healthier and stronger as they endure so much. 

They are positioned on top of the engine and work efficiently while handling enormous weight. 


The starter in any forklift truck is an essential part that helps in starting the truck. It helps in creating the engine with ease. The engine of a forklift works because there is a starter. 

It generates the amount of power that is required and necessary for the engine to launch. In addition, the starter takes all the energy from the electricity and then recycles it into mechanical energy, which further helps the engine to start. 

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Water pump

A water pump is a central part of a machine that helps regulate an engine’s temperature. It cools down the engine, radiator, and hoses and keeps the machine working.  

It takes the cooling and further uses it towards the engine, which travels from the engine block, radiator, and hoses, reaches the engine and cools it down.

A heated engine needs to cool down immediately after the water pump works. Therefore, the water pump’s coolant travels back and forth after the engine’s heating. The one part that helps the coolant travel to the engine is the crankshaft which acts as a passage from the water pump to the engine. 


Joystick is known to be another significant part of a forklift. It is an extended part on the side of a driver’s arm in a forklift. 

They are the most delicate part of a machine and require gentleness to be handled. They need careful and thoughtful hands. The truck’s safety and productivity depend on how the driver operates the joystick. 

Their flexibility allows the forklift driver to ensure maximum working capacity and total work efficiency. In addition, the skillful handling of a joystick ensures a rise in productivity. 


A forklift’s parts are necessary for a truck to work efficiently. Therefore, they need to be looked after and taken care of. Regular maintenance is essential for the longevity of a truck. 

Southern Lift Trucks offers a vast selection of forklift and aerial lift original parts for all business applications to handle all of the requirements of our customers. Besides having our new forklift truck parts, our coverage also include remanufactured/rebuilt parts for all medium to heavy forklift trucks, aerial lifts, electric pallet jacks, etc. for applications in a variety of industries.

With Southern Lift Trucks, our guarantee quality parts at the best prices. Our customers expect quality merchandise and our customer service group can handle all your needs.



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