Used Forklifts

Southern Lift Trucks in Mobile, Alabama offers a variety of trucks including Hyundai, Taylor, Toyota, KIONMitsubishi Unicarriers and Nichiyu product linesCrownHyster-YaleHeli, KomatsuHangcha Group, ClarkDoosan, and more  

Our trucks go through a rigorous process and are then reconditioned before hitting the floor.

When you buy from Southern Lift Trucks, you know you are only purchasing the best quality used forklifts. And that we will provide you with quality use and service for many years to come.

Used forklifts for sale

Buying used forklifts have a few advantages over buying a new one. From being significantly cheaper than new forklifts, to being reliable, familiar, and quicker to purchase than a brand-new forklift. No matter which brand you choose to purchase from Southern Lift Trucks, you are buying the best lifting trucks for your business needs. 

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing used forklifts:

Save money by buying used

Did you know you can save money—long-term—by buying a used forklift?

Typically, a used forklift will cost several thousand dollars less than a new one. Or, in some cases, it’s only half the price. And so, in some instances, you can buy two used forklifts for the price of a new one.

The obvious benefit of this is you are able to double your workforce productivity. Additionally, if you spend less on procurement, it can allow you to lower your cost of sale while still managing to increase your profit margin.

Reliability and familiarity

Another advantage lies in reliability and familiarity. Reliability insomuch as you will know the forklift works. That is, brands only recall new models when a fault is found. Finding used forklifts for sale, let’s you know your vehicle will be not be recalled.

That, and when you buy used forklifts, your team will usually already be familiar with it. So, there is no need to spend money and time on forklift training. Also, there is no need to spend more money upgrading accessories, or other gear, to fit the new forklift.

The only real downside to purchasing a used one, is it may not have the latest bells and whistles of newer models. Which is rarely (if ever) going to impact your bottom line.

What will impact your bottom line is: used forklift equipment and parts are often cheaper than parts for new forklifts. And you can often find parts for older models at a discount.

Faster to purchase used forklift

Speaking of bottom line, it is usually faster to purchase a used forklift. Because there is less money involved in the sale of used equipment, it can mean a faster closing process for your purchase.

Used Hyundai forklifts

As a brand, Hyundai are well known for their dedication to producing quality equipment and vehicles. Forklifts from Hyundai are some of the most affordable to maintain. And they are also one of the most fuel-efficient forklifts on the market.

Which is why even used Hyundai forklifts are so popular. They are much more affordable at almost have the price of a new model, and their maintenance and fuel consumption mean their ongoing costs are sustainable for even the smallest of businesses.

No matter what your forklifting needs, Southern Lift Trucks has a range of used Hyundai forklifts for sale. 

Renting and leasing used forklifts

Not only do we sell used forklifts, we also have short and long-term forklift rentals and leases. We have found this to be an excellent option for those who may need an extra forklift or two to deal with a temporary increase in work.

Benefits of short-term renting and long-term leasing

The benefit of renting is you can carry out any extra work or projects, and then return the forklift. This means you won’t have to worry about maintenance fees.

It also means you won’t have to hire more staff, but can rather use current team members for the work. Which is just another example of how renting and leasing can help with cost-saving.

Buying used forklifts

Buying a used forklift does not need to be difficult. On this page you will see a variety of trucks of different sizes and mileage.

When you contact Southern Lift Trucks, we can help point you in the right direction. Our team provide a large range of used forklifts and lift trucks to suit a variety of needs.

We also offer financing. If you need fast financing, a customized plan, and a world-class service South Lift Trucks has what you need. Southern Lift Truck in Mobile, Alabama can provide bank financing with amazing and amazing rates for those with approved credit.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about buying, renting, or financing used forklifts, please contact Southern Lift Truck today.