Hyundai Forklift: Why it is best for your business?

Many manufacturers provide several models of forklifts that are equally efficient and come with a range of features.

But Hyundai is one brand that has mastered the art of manufacturing excellent products and their range of forklifts is second to none.

From forklifts for narrow-aisle warehouses to construction sites, Hyundai provides a complete range of these vehicles that have the capability to fulfill every business needs. This is why even experts recommend this brand.

In this article, we will tell you everything that makes Hyundai forklifts the best choice.

Wide Array of High-Performance Forlifts

For what it’s worth, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, regardless of the type of industrial plants, Hyundai has a model of forklift that will work perfectly in that setting.

Hyundai Diesel Forklifts

Diesel forklifts are the most specialized kind of forklifts that Hyundai offers. They are specifically designed for outdoor usage and master their operations in tough-terrain kinds of environments.

Since diesel fumes are not extremely safe, these are not used in indoor environments, but they are extremely common in outdoor operations. The most common places they are in are construction sites, mining operations, lumber yards, etc. where heavy stuff needs to be moved.

Packed with a lot of power, these diesel forklifts are machines that are capable of moving big loads. Even the smallest Hyundai forklift comes with a load capacity of 7000 pounds, with the highest that Hyundai forklifts are capable of lifting being 55000 pounds. If you are operating in tough terrain and handling heavy to very heavy material, then there is no better option than a Hyundai diesel forklift.

Hyundai Electric Forklift

Noiseless, eco-friendly, and devoid of any fumes, Hyundai’s electric models in lift trucks are perfect for indoor settings and smooth-terrain outdoor areas. They function really smoothly without creating any disturbing noises.

But that doesn’t mean that they are devoid of power. Hyundai’s lightest electric sit-down forklift comes with a load capacity of 3000 pounds, while the heaviest model has a load capacity of 11000 pounds.

The best part of Hyundai’s electric forklifts is that there are several other models that are available in the range between the load capacity of 3000-11000. This gives you the option to choose the one that best fits your requirement.

Not all businesses require very heavy load capacity forklift, and if you are one of them, then Hyundai’s electric forklifts have ample options for you to choose from. Besides all other benefits, electric forklifts are quite easy to maintain and they enjoy a long shelf life as well.

Hyundai Internal Combustion Forklift

Hyundai’s liquid propane-powered forklifts bring the best of both worlds. Since liquid propane burns without fumes, it can be used indoors without any hazards, plus they come with a load capacity between 4000 to 15000 pounds.

The internal combustion forklifts are extremely popular for businesses that require small time loading and unloading of material and operate in smaller areas. Since they might need to operate indoors, these forklifts make for an ideal choice especially when it comes to filling warehouses with enhanced efficiency.

Hyundai Narrow-Aisle Forklift

Yet another Hyundai gem, narrow-aisle forklifts are designed to operate in tight spaces where other, bulkier forklifts cannot operate. Their sturdy ship-grade steel build, sleek design and battery-powered operations make them safe for indoor operations. They also have the ability to reach very high shelves and they are mostly stand-up operated, further saving up on space making them ideal for a job site that isn’t big on scale.

Why Hyundai forklifts are better than the others?

Hyundai is a brand that has been providing quality products for years now. It has gained a reputation for itself and there are more than just a few reasons behind it.

Hyundai construction equipment is by and largely affordable, efficient, and still provides the best-in-class service. What’s more, is that they offer consistently reliable performance, and their performance value often ranks much higher than their counterparts. Needless to say, their ability to offer extraordinary quality results in high customer satisfaction across the construction industry!

This is what makes Hyundai one of the most sought-after automobile manufacturers across the globe. When it comes to their forklift series, it is not just the sheer expanse of models, but also the exceptional value, the machine warranty and their after-sales service that allures the customers.

There are several aspects of a Hyundai product that make them a perfect choice for your business, especially their forklifts. First and foremost, Hyundai provides a warranty for 3 years/4k hours or 5 years/10k hours. This is a lot more than most of its competitors. Apart from this, the maintenance cost, fuel efficiency, and capital investment are a lot more effective than other brands in the market. There is no doubt then that Hyundai’s forklifts are the best for all businesses.

So, what are you still waiting for?

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Frequently asked questions about Hyundai forklifts

Why Hyundai forklifts are rated as one of the best in the business?

Hyundai as a brand is renowned for manufacturing quality products, and its forklifts are surely one of their best vehicles.

Available in a range of options, Hyundai’s forklifts come in different models that are ideal for both outdoor and indoor environments. They provide one of the highest warranty periods, while their fuel efficiency, power index, and variants are suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Which Hyundai forklift can be used for lifting heavy materials in an outdoor, tough environment?

Hyundai’s diesel forklift is simply perfect for tough-terrain, and outdoor settings. These vehicles come with a load capacity between 7000 to 55000 pounds, one of the widest ranges of power index, and they are designed to perform well in harsh and tough environments.

They are perfect to operate on construction sites, mining operations, lumber yards, etc where heavy materials and goods are required to be lifted and moved around.

What are the other variants of a Hyundai forklift?

Apart from the diesel variant, Hyundai’s forklifts are also available in the internal combustion model, electric model, and narrow-aisle model. These have been designed and perfected for different usages in different environments.

While an electric forklift is best for indoor operations, since it is noiseless and fumeless, internal combustion types can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its propane fuel burns without any fumes, making it safe for indoor use. The narrow-aisle model is your only choice to work in tight areas where there is hardly any space to move around and bigger ones cannot fit. These come with a capacity to reach very high shelves and have enough power to carry and move reasonably heavy goods.