How to Repair a Forklift? Do I Need Professional Help?

When you have been operating a forklift for quite some time, there are certain telltale signs that you can easily pick up on to know if there’s any issue that needs to be taken care of. That said, you may or may not know the precise repair that these issues may require. To help you do just that, we are enlisting some of the most commonly found forklift problems complete with an expert-recommended repair! 

  • Erratic Starting

Going to work, only to find that your forklift is facing starting issues, or worse, won’t start at all, can be harrowing! Thankfully, this is one of the easiest ones to diagnose and even resolve. Let us tell you how!

For Electric Forklifts

Diagnosis –

Check when the battery was last charged. If you are not sure, check if the breaks and lights are functioning properly.

Repair –

If auxiliary functions are not working properly, it is advisable to fully charge the battery. You may then try restarting the forklift. For a quicker resolution of the issue, you may want to swap the current battery with a fresh, fully charged one.  

For Forklifts Powered by Internal Combustion

Diagnosis #1 –

Check the oil level 

Repair –

Depending on your forklift model, it may not be starting simply because there is insufficient oil. Replenishing the oil levels will do the trick. 

Diagnosis #2 –

Check the Battery

Repair –

If the battery doesn’t seem to be charged fully, refill it with distilled water and check again.

Diagnosis #3

– Check the coolant level

Repair –

The lack of coolant may result in overheating, which in turn won’t let the forklift start. In this case, adding more coolant can help resolve the problem. 

Diagnosis #4 –

Check the radiator

Repair –

A radiator blockage may hinder the engine from starting. In such a case cleaning the radiator is the first corrective step. If however, there is any corrosion replacing the radiator will be your best bet. Needless to say, you must seek professional assistance in this case. 

  • Problems with the Mast

Diagnosis #1 –

Check Hydraulic Fluid Level

Repair –

if the levels are low, replenishing the fluid can help restore the mast function.

Diagnosis #2 –

Examine the forklift chain

Repair –

If required lubricate the chain. If there seems to be any other issue, you may opt for replacing the same.

Diagnosis #3 –

Examine the Various Sections of the Mast

Repair –

In case of any visible rusting, stretching, bending, or twisting of any component, seek the help of a trusted forklift repair service and get the components replaced.  

  1. Steering Problems

Diagnosis –

There may be certain instances such as odd sounds while turning the wheel, or facing friction while making the turn that may help you detect a problem with the steering. In this case, checking the steering fluid should be your first act. 

Repair –

In the case of a lower level of steering fluid, replenishing the fluid should do the trick. In case, you spot a thicker consistency of the fluid, you should completely replace the same. 

When To Seek Professional Forklift Repair Service

While the aforementioned problems with the forklift are rather easy to detect and resolve, there are certain issues that need the vigilance of a trained forklift technician. Some of the more pressing issues, when you must opt for an in-shop or mobile forklift repair service include –

  • Loose Pressure Valves
  • Misaligned Tires
  • Loose or Erratic Gears
  • Issues with the Hydraulic System
  • Malfunctioning of the Safety Features
  • Inconsistent Braking System
  • Oil Leaks with No Visible Source
  • Issues with the Engine or Transmission

When you rely on the best forklift repair service in Mobile AL, i.e. Southern Lift Trucks for these repairs, you can rest assured of getting the best possible service, at the most cost-effective rates! Now, isn’t that what you’ve always wanted in a trusted mobile forklift repair service?

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How Can I Save Money on Forklift Repair and Maintenance?

The best way to ensure that you don’t end up spending excessive money on forklift maintenance is to ensure that your operators conduct a streamlined inspection of their equipment, at least once every week. This will help in the early detection of any underlying issues, which can be easily taken care of without hefty bills. 

How Can I Minimize the Downtime on my Lift Trucks?

A great way to reduce any downtime on your lift truck repair in Pensacola FL is to opt for a Scheduled Maintenance Package, or even better a Full Maintenance Package with a monthly retainer. It will help you enjoy the maximum ROI on your equipment while being completely assured of the fact that all requisite repair and maintenance work will be carried out in time, that too by well-trained mechanics!