Forklift Repair Checklist 2022

Did You Know? For a forklift to function seamlessly, it requires maintenance after every six weeks, i.e. after 250 work-hours! We know, this sounds a tad overwhelming, and in all likelihood, you may not be getting your lifting trucks checked that often. Unfortunately, this may lead to some downtime here and there, resulting in significant losses for your business. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about any such occurrences from now on, as our experts at Southern Lift Trucks have worked diligently to put together a comprehensive checklist for you, that will enable you to conduct a wide array of forklift repairs on your own! Now, isn’t that wonderful? So, without further ado, let’s get to this much-needed piece of knowledge. 

Oil Leakage

In case you ever notice visible patches of oil near or under the forklift, around the job site chances are there is an oil leakage. In such a case, a few or even many of the moving parts of the equipment may not be getting enough lubrication required for continuous functioning. While your first instinct will be to add more oil, it may not resolve the root cause of the problem. Hence, it is best that you spend some time finding the source of the leak and then fix the same, lest you might be looking at a hydraulic system failure – which is not only costly but also way too cumbersome to repair. 

Damaged Forklift Chain

In case your forklift halts on the job, more often than not, it may be because of a problem with the forklift chain. Of course, this can cause you to slow down, but you need not worry yet. Simply check if there’s enough lubricant to keep the chain running smoothly and if there isn’t then generously lubricate the same before kick-starting with the task at hand again. 

If that doesn’t seem to solve the issue, look for signs of rusting, kinking, or corrosion. These may contribute to sustained damage to the chain, in which case you must seek professional assistance for forklift repair and get the chain revamped or replaced at the earliest possible, preferably without any delays. 

Low Battery Life

There may be times when your forklift doesn’t hold the battery for as long as it did at one point. To make sure this is the case, take a few readings pertaining to the battery life on a full charge, and compare the same with past records. If you find an issue, try the following fixes one by one –

  • Check if you have been using the correct charger
  • Charge the batteries as soon as they fall below 30%
  • Make sure that the battery contains sufficient distilled water

If even after trying all of the above, you see little to no improvement in the battery hold time it may be time to contact Southern Lift Trucks!

Damaged Forks

For a forklift to function as flawlessly as it should, it is essential that the forks are in their best shape. After all, it is the forks that do the most critical part of the job – lift and hold the load, such that there is no possibility of an unwanted drop or that of damage to human life or goods around the property. To make sure any and all issues regarding fork damage is caught early on, do look for these signs – 

  • Large Surface cracks
  • Significant Bents
  • Misalignment of the forks
  • Any visible wear and tear

In case of these signs, it is best to get in touch with your trusted forklift repair service provider in Alabama for timely repair. Not only will this ensure quick and convenient replacement of the damaged forks, but will also safeguard you from any collateral damage that may have been caused as a result of continued use! Of course, there are some other signs that you need to be on the lookout for when contemplating forklift repair services. These include visible damage in mast sticks, delayed mechanical response, erratic forklift ride – anything that indicates abnormal lifting functions. 

Then again, smoke emission, higher than normal engine temperature or any unlikely odor should also alert you to seek professional repair services.  

Now that you are well aware of the forklift repair checklist, make sure you stay vigilant at all times and opt for timely repair and maintenance of your lift trucks! 

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FAQs about Forklift Repair

What is the cost of an average forklift repair service in Mobile, AL?

You can expect the cost for an average forklift repair service in Mobile, AL to be around $200 – $300. Of course, you can bring down this cost by opting for scheduled maintenance and full maintenance packages. 

Where can I find a mobile forklift repair service in Pensacola? 

Southern Lift Trucks is one of the most reputable in-shop and mobile forklift repair services in Pensacola FL. Click here to get in touch with their customer service executive!