Construction Equipment and Forklifts from Hyundai's Authorised Retailer

Solid and sturdy forklifts and other construction equipment by Hyundai make your construction work quick and easy. The quality, strength, and sturdiness of the construction equipment are of great importance. Loading/unloading operations and removing heavy weights and obstacles are fundamental to the workplace. Therefore, reliable construction equipment becomes quite relevant, and we are here to offer such reliability and assurance with our machinery. If you are looking for construction equipment, this is the right place for you to understand more. Construction equipment by Hyundai, as strong as your will!  


Hyundai understands the needs and requirements during construction works, for which it always has your back- be it a forklift or other construction equipment such as a boom lift or a telehandler. Southern Lift Trucks, Hyundai’s authorized retailer, offers reliable, strong, and sturdy equipment to make your construction work continuous, easy, and risk-free. So do not hesitate to check out our products, and you will be surprised by their performance and your work progress.

Types of Construction Equipment 


The forklifts offered by Hyundai are fit for rough terrain capabilities; even removing heavy stones is a piece of cake. They are suitable to work in unfavorable weather conditions to navigate uneven terrain. It is bound to reach every terrain and is built to load heavy objects with ease. Forklifts are usually needed to make lifting and the work of transportation easier during construction work on the site of construction. They are mainly required in warehouses where some equipment or materials are needed to be transported but are too heavy or big to be done manually. Based on the requirement, several types of forklifts are used—the feature and usage efficiency change based on the types of forklifts. These forklifts are known for optimized fuel consumption, ease-of-operations, and faster operation cycles.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts allow you to work in narrow aisles, making loading and unloading easy, quick, and smooth operations. The loading capacity ranges from 1500 kg to 4990 kg based on the particular one. These forklifts are used for outdoor operations related to construction.

Diesel Forklifts

Hyundai diesel forklifts know how to prioritize your profitability and productivity. They handle heavy loads quickly and effortlessly with their powerful hydraulics and engines. Their usage is focused on their indoor applications.

LPG Forklifts

Hyundai LPG forklifts can be used in outdoor and indoor environments, unlike the other two; hence enjoy superiority. They are also economical. 

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Hyundai’s telehandlers offer an unbeatable combination of performance, strength, and versatility. They are constructed to adapt to any conditions on the construction site. They are mainly used to haul lumber or move stones. Hyundai telehandler comes with a warranty and is constructed with ship-grade steel. It is typically built to last for ages, can smoothly engage in your work, and successfully carries heavy weights. Their determination to create something of top-notch performance and quality is represented in their telehandler.

Boom Lifts 

Boom lifts are your ultimate solution when it comes to industrial and outdoor construction. Their capabilities to position and lift as per the requirement are worth applause. In addition, one can easily navigate the uneven slopes and surfaces with these four or two-wheel drives offering high ground clearance. 

Scissor Lifts

The scissor lifts offer high-lift capabilities and can easily navigate rough and rugged terrains with their special tires. Some models of scissor lifts by Hyundai come with built-in generators to increase safety and productivity, reducing the requirement for battery-powered tools or extension cords. In addition, it can lift to any height, as high as 40 feet, making your work quicker and easier.

Mini Excavator 

Another construction equipment of immense importance is the mini excavator. Hyundai offers a great range of mini excavators. They have an inbuilt hydraulic system, making the machine easy, smooth, and fast. 

Hydraulic Construction Excavator

Hyundai offers a great range of hydraulic constructor excavators filled with sheer strength to offer high performance through every terrain with great ease. They are both comfortable, safe, durable, and efficient in their work and give you total command over your operations, increasing your productivity many folds. 

Crawler Mining Excavator

The range of crawler mining excavators offered by Hyundai is a great deal and of immense importance for proper construction work. They are specially built to cope with heavy-duty mining operations such as iron ore, granite, marble, quarry, and others. They are reliable and bound to enhance reliability, stability, and durability even across rugged terrains. Working with them is comfortable and has a spacious cabin offering increased space, strong air-conditioning, good visibility and an adjustable seat. The controls are easy to access to make work of long hours comfortable and less tiring with no fatigue and stress experience. Moreover, they are durable, powerful, and efficient in performance, guaranteeing great productivity and success in your work.


The Hyundai wheel loader series work with excellent efficiency, performance, and productivity. They represent Hyundai’s perfect blend of product design expertise and flawless engineering, and they are best suited for offering significant work gains from a lighter, smaller power package. Loaders come with an inbuilt unique bucket design and onboard weighing system. They are constructed to be your companions for decades to go.

Compaction Roller

The compaction rollers offered by Hyundai are excellent in giving service, with serviceability as their top priority. The various components, as well as the engines, are accessible owing to the engine hood that has a wide opening. The engine provided is highly reliable and fuel-efficient, designed for soil compaction applications. 


Southern Lift Trucks, Hyundai’s authorized retailer, presents excellent and reliable equipment, be it forklifts, loaders, excavators, or compaction rollers. They are ideal for construction sites, and one with an eye for good construction equipment will recognize their importance on the first go. So don’t miss your chance and acquaint yourself with the best construction equipment, which is definitely from Hyundai!