All You Need to Know about Hyundai 35LN-9A

When it comes to offering the widest range of best-in-class forklifts, Hyundai has always been at the forefront. Right from offering electric models – both sit-down and standup to providing customers with the options of Diesel and LPG forklifts, Hyundai has taken care of it all. And it’s not just the types it is also the load-bearing capacity that Hyundai offers numerous configurations in.

Whether your facility needs a forklift to carry 2,000-pound loads or 55,000-pound ones, with Hyundai you have the right lift truck with the precise load capacity you need! For instance, the electric BR-9 series is ideal for load capacities ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 lbs, while the diesel-powered 110D-9, 130D-9, and 160D-9 series offer load capacities ranging from 25,000 to 35,000 lbs. Simply put, with Hyundai forklifts, you are almost always spoilt for choice! 

The Hyundai 35LN-9A Forklift

The Hyundai 35LN-9A is yet another addition to Hyundai’s impressive range of forklifts. Facilitated with 7,000 Lb pneumatic tire with a triple mast and side-shifter, the Hyundai 9 Series LP Pneumatic Forklifts comes with a load bearing capacity of 5,000 lbs to 7,000 lbs. High-end safety and rugged performance are two striking aspects that make this forklift highly sought after! Let us learn about them in greater detail. 

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Safety Features of Hyundai 35LN-9A 

When it comes to safety, one of the most remarkable aspects of the 35LN-9A is the Anti-Rollback feature. The machine is equipped with Hill Assist Control or HAC, which engages the parking brake when the forklift is stopped on a ramp and stays activated until the operator accelerates. Yet another safety feature that deserves your attention is the Operator Presence Sensing System, also known as the OPSS, which, as the name suggests, senses when the operator is not seated in the forklift. In this case, the hydraulic lift, tilt controls, and travel are all locked out, and the parking brakes come into action, thus preventing the vehicle from any unwanted movement and/or mishaps.

The Hyundai 35LN-9A is also equipped with a strong overhead guard, which exceeds ISO6055 and ANSI regulations! It not only offers optimal protection but also ensures excellent all-around visibility.

Passcode-protected start-up, machine position warning, and a rearview camera for reverse assistance are a few other features that amp up the overall safety of the operator and the vehicle. 

Rugged Performance of Hyundai 35LN-9A 

The Hyundai 9A Range of LPG-powered forklifts offers powerful performance in multiple applications. The Engine Model HMC L4KB features an impressive engine power of 44.7 kW. The fuel-efficient engines in these lift trucks have been designed to offer enhanced productivity and amplified safety in operations. The Stage V engines offer high power at low engine speeds, thereby proving to be ideal for use on ramps, where fast lift speeds and repetitive use are frequently needed.  

The rugged mast and steer axles with tapered roller bearings, the oil-cooled disc brakes, the clutch protection system, the boosting type brake valve, the highly durable drive axle, and fully hydrostatic power steering are some additional features that contribute to the rugged performance of this forklift.

Ergonomic Design of Hyundai 35LN-9A 

The new 35LN-9A forklift features a robust exterior design that makes it fully prepared to face any challenges that might come in its way during operations. The drive-axle with wet disc brakes and transmission are exceptionally durable, while the rubber dampers that they’re mounted on ensure noise and vibration reduction. Moreover, all driving functions are controlled and monitored by the Machine Control Unit (MCU).  The enhanced instrument cluster with an easy-to-use, full color display of the forklift ensures easy diagnostics and maintenance follow-up. 

Enhanced Operator Comfort of Hyundai 35LN-9A 

The cabin is meticulously designed to offer the operator a more than comfortable working environment, with the aim to enhance productivity and reduce fatigue, even during unfavorable working conditions. All the vital controls such as parking brakes, hazard switches etc. are present within easy reach of the operator, and various options have been provided to customize the cabin experience as per the needs and preferences of the operator. Maximum visibility has been emphasized upon which shows in the way the LED lights, mast, carriage, and head guard have been designed. Moreover, the premium quality Grammer seat offers a comfortable driving position which is augmented by the spacious full floating cabin with air-conditioning and/or heater! The cabin is also equipped with numerous air ducts including the windshield defrosting air duct. The fingertip control offered in this stage V forklift ensures best-in-class operating sensitivity.

Advanced LCD Monitor of Hyundai 35LN-9A 

The 5.6-inch widescreen LCD color monitor is yet another distinguishing aspect of the Hyundai 35LN-9A forklift. It allows enhanced ease for the operator when it comes to controlling the machine and offers multiple features such as speed, travel direction, hour meter, fuel level gauge, load weight indicator, machine inclination, signal/warning light,  gear (F / N / R), speedometer, mast tilting degree, clock, engine temperature gauge, machine inclination and odometer! 

Quick and Hassle-Free Servicing of Hyundai 35LN-9A 

The Hyundai 35LN-9A comes with a promise of swift, low effort servicing, owing to its high-quality components and materials which have been optimized to offer a long, hassle-free service life. The tool-less removable panels ensure easy access to the parts that require regular maintenance, while the floor cover and rear wheel-archer keep the engine bay free from debris or dirt thereby protecting vital elements such as the engine’s radiator. The machine is also facilitated with a water and dustproof fuse and relay box for enhanced utility. 

To further ensure flawless working of the forklift, the engine diagnostics and service scheduling panel will keep your operator informed about various aspects including – engine failure codes, replacement timing for consumable parts and scheduled maintenance service.

We hope that you know all that you possibly need about the Hyundai 35L N-9A forklift. Of course, if you need any personal assistance or further consultation regarding the features, prices and other aspects of this amazing machine, feel free to get in touch with our experts at Southern Lift Trucks eager to serve you across Florida and Alabama! After all, we are the most dependable seller of construction equipment as well as new and used forklifts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get genuine parts for Hyundai 35LN-9A?

The most reliable place to find original OEM parts for Hyundai 35LN-9A forklift is none other than Southern Lift Trucks in Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL.

What is Hyundai Hi-MATE?

Hyundai’s Hi-MATE telematics is the company’s proprietary remote management system, which enables users to get real-time reports pertaining to the machine’s locations, vital statistics and operating history. Hi-MATE is also capable of remotely monitoring fleet fuel levels and can alert fleet owners if their equipment has been moved beyond its geo-fenced boundaries thereby ensuring theft prevention.

How much does Hyundai Hi-MATE for Hyundai 35LN-9A cost?

When purchasing your new Hyundai 35LN-9A Forklift, you can get to use Hi-MATE free for up to 5 years. To know more about this, get in touch with your dealer.