Our Impressions Of The Konecranes High Capacity Forklift

You would think that with the many forklift options available to us online that choosing a suitable forklift for our business would be easy – but that’s part of the problem. There are too many available online with their features and marketing materials that it can be difficult to cut through the chaff to find one that fits our needs. 

That’s why our team at Southern Lift have taken upon ourselves to test and review the latest and greatest in the forklift industry to give you unbiased information and recommendations on what brands and models of forklifts would suit your business operations so that you can make smarter purchasing decisions.

Today, we’ll be looking at the Konecranes High Capacity Forklift.

The Primary Features Of The Konecranes High Capacity Forklift.

Load Capacity: over 22,000 lbs.

Price: $150,000 +

Costs: Low cost of ownership – presenting excellent value for money.

Standout features: “TRUCONNECT” and “Load-Sensing” Technology

Modularity: Excellent. Konecranes offers a variety of features, as well as potential upgrades, customizations, and add-ons including a fully electric tilt cab, front and rear cameras, etc.…

Although the Konecranes High Capacity Forklift comes with many fantastic features that set it apart from competitors, you can also customize them to meet your specific needs too – even going further than the standard add-ons you can typically get for forklifts of this price range.

Who Is This Forklift Best Designed For?

We would recommend this forklift would be perfect for any operation or task that requires the movement of cargo that weighs over 22,000 lbs. We wouldn’t recommend it for businesses requiring a forklift that typically load and carry much smaller weights. 

This recommendation is based on the price and overall power of the high capacity forklift. This Konecranes model is built with power in mind and prioritizes heavy-duty applications above all others, making it the perfect forklift for handling industrial materials. Examples of suitable materials include:

  • Bricks, concrete, and rock materials.

  • Mining materials.

  • Industrial processed metals such as steel and aluminum.

  • Container ports and shipyards.

  • General logistics, transport, and shipping.

What Other Benefits Does This Forklift Bring?

Two stand-out features for us include the “TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring App” and the “Load Sensing Hydraulics System.”

TRUCONNECT allows you to have constant access to the most important and relevant information of the Konecranes forklift, enabling you to improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet by giving you reports on the peaks and averages of fuel usage, as well as GPS data to streamline the routes that your operators take. The application also provides you with real-time diagnostics and notifications to ensure that you keep up with your forklift’s maintenance.

This will help you avoid the expensive over-servicing of the forklift, as well as under-servicing that can lead to downtime and preventable repairs.

The Load Sensing Hydraulics System is also a unique feature to not only the High Capacity Forklift but also most of the Konecranes lineup. It automatically shifts the power usage of the forklift when it detects significant changes in the load, meaning it will cut down on energy and fuel consumption, as well as cut down on unnecessary strain to its engine and overall system.

Would You Recommend The Konecranes High Capacity Forklift For My Business?

If your business is looking for a reliable and intelligent forklift that needs to be powerful enough to carry heavy industrial loads, the High Capacity Forklift is a no-brainer. However, there are many other reasons to choose a Konecranes forklift such as this. Konecranes models are made out of high-quality materials that are robust, rugged, and are made with longevity in mind in a variety of operating conditions.

They also provide high torque while providing incredibly low emissions and reduced fuel consumption, meaning you’ll save money over the long run compared to competitor models of similar size, weight, and load capacity. Furthermore, Konecranes also have the highest up-time rate of any forklift in the world primarily due to the smart technology and connectivity they have with the various diagnostics and real-time data monitoring.

Overall, this leads to reduced maintenance costs, lower cost of ownership, and endless data to optimize and improve your business’ efficiency and productivity. We highly recommend Konecranes at Southern Lift. If you’d like to learn more about their forklift models, would like to buy a Konecranes forklift, or have other inquiries, please contact us.